Synagogue Membership Engagement Platform

North Peak’s management of the PeakMembership app for Salesforce has been discontinued as of June 30, 2017. Building and maintaining this platform for the synagogue community has been an educational four-year journey in collaboration with 21 synagogues and Member Management Services.

We launched PeakMembership to develop a way for synagogues to leverage Salesforce and better engage with their membership with a price point at a fraction of the market rate for a custom build-out of this nature. We succeeded on the price point but to the detriment of the success of synagogues and the product itself.

We’re happy the legacy of the PeakMembership package will remain available for the community and provide a baseline customization of Salesforce for synagogues’ needs. We’re sorry not to be involved in the evolution of this project moving forward.

We still firmly believe synagogues can have a bright future on the Salesforce platform, but a different model is required. PeakMembership didn’t strike the right balance between feature functionality, cost and support, and most synagogues we worked with weren’t able to dedicate the resources necessary to have fully functioning internal system administration and support.

Below, you’ll find links to recorded training videos and PeakMembership documentation which was created and updated prior to June 30, 2017.

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