Our solutions are thoughtfully designed and tailored to each client.


We specialize in Salesforce.org’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and lean into industry standards and best practices. We don’t use templates or off-the-shelf builds.

This is our full suite of services. We often bundle them to meet teams’ unique needs. To talk about what services might be right for your organization, reach out.

For All Nonprofits

Implementations and Relaunches 

We design and implement complete Salesforce solutions for organizations new to Salesforce or ones that need to improve underperforming solutions. This often includes migrating data from legacy databases and integrating related technology for online transactions, email marketing, etc.

Is it right for my org? These engagements are right for organizations that are dissatisfied with multiple aspects of their existing data management and/or CRM solution. They require substantial investment and high levels of stakeholder commitment.


We do thorough investigations into current uses of technology, technical capacity, desired future state, and alignment of these goals to organizational priorities. In short, we map out a path to success with Salesforce CRM. The deliverable is a Needs Analysis that:

  • Documents the goals, strategies, tactics and metrics as they relate to the CRM and other related technologies
  • Recommends which requirements should be met by the initial solution and which should be roadmapped for future implementation
  • Includes a budget and timeline to implement the recommended solution

Is it right for my org? Discovery engagements are appropriate starting points when projects have many unknowns, engage a significant number of stakeholders, and/or are particularly complex in nature. 


We help you extend your existing Salesforce solution, whether that means onboarding new business units or expanding existing ones, implementing new integrations, or importing data from additional sources. 

Is it right for my org? These engagements are right for organizations that are generally satisfied with their existing CRM solution and have focused goals for how they want to optimize or expand it. 

Admin Development

We empower teams to take the reins of their CRM, expanding technical capacity through admin training and improving adoption organization-wide through better user engagement. We’ve upskilled dozens of accidental, part-time, and de facto Salesforce admins, helping them master their role as the resident CRM expert. 

Is it right for my org? New Administrators and experienced Administrators taking on new challenges are a great fit for this engagement.

Strategic Advising

We advise leadership on how to create, execute, and/or evolve CRM technology strategy in alignment with organizational strategy.   

Is it right for my org? These engagements are suitable for organizations seeking general guidance on how to get more value from a Salesforce CRM. Strategic Advising is also a fit for teams that need advice on solving specific issues with their CRM or making decisions about related technology. 

For Foundations

We work with foundations to adapt Salesforce to serve as their grant management system using the open-source Outbound Funds product and various integrated technologies. Teams work efficiently and collaboratively when they’re able to manage all their core business processes in one platform.

For these organizations, we offer all of the services listed above.

Is an Outbound Funds-based solution right for my org? We work with organizations seeking a scalable, flexible CRM solution for grant management that also accommodates other business areas. This package is right for organizations that want the power of an industry-leading CRM without the rigidity of off-the-shelf grant management platforms. 

For Affiliated Nonprofit Networks

We specialize in solutions for federated or associated nonprofits that share CRMs, what we call Collaborative CRMs. We advise on strategy, process, and stakeholder engagement to smooth the path to success. And we deliver flexible, scalable solutions for the entire organization.

For these organizations, we offer all of the services listed above, with particular considerations explained here.

Solution Design

In thorough Discoveries with impact business areas, we design a unique Salesforce solution for the network. During the process, we work closely with clients to manage a group of representative stakeholders who ensure the solution’s practicality and application for varied needs. To ensure long-term success with the proposed solution, we also advise this group on how to properly resource their CRM and establish effective governance practices.


We design and manage rollout of the Collaborative CRM. This approach might include a pilot program, where we gather feedback from a small first cohort before refining and implementing the solution for a larger contingent. It also might include cohort onboarding, where we group affiliates for implementations, enabling cost efficiencies and creating support networks for affiliates going through the process together.

Is it right for my org? These projects are most successful when affiliate offerings and processes have high degrees of commonality. The “representative group of stakeholders” are key– this effort requires commitment to up-front investment and central oversight at the National level and the affiliate level.

Our Process

We follow a proven process to produce innovative, user-friendly solutions that clients can maintain and scale.

We do thorough investigations into current uses of technology, technical capacity, desired future state, and alignment of these goals to organizational priorities. Through conversations, documentation review, and system audits, we learn what priorities and business processes are critical to the team, and why. We use this information to define the project’s key priorities and create a blueprint for a solution that will meet these needs– outlined in a Needs Analysis. Clients review and approve this document.

This is the build phase: we use the requirements outlined in the Needs Analysis to build a prototype solution. We QA the prototype, and then clients review and approve it through user acceptance testing.

We work with clients to migrate necessary data from legacy systems or spreadsheets to the new solution. Typically, clients manage data exports and data preparation, using instructions provided by North Peak. Our team manages the import process and works with clients to QA the results.

We set up and test integration to external email, digital engagement, online form, website, or other systems that are part of the solution. Clients determine which systems are best-suited for their needs, work directly with providers to secure and manage licenses or subscriptions, and get training from North Peak on how to manage the integrations.

We train teams on the new system, including front-end processes, back-end design, and integrations. We build a training curriculum that covers each business area impacted by the project, and typically deliver it to the client via train-the-trainer sessions. We find it is effective and more sustainable for clients to take the lead in training their colleagues.

It’s time to go live with the new solution! If downtime is necessary to make the switch from an old system, we do everything possible to limit this period. A plan for frequent and clear communication is especially critical at this stage of the project.

North Peak typically offers two months of support post-launch, where we help clients make small system changes, answer user questions, and troubleshoot any issues.

To talk through your needs and learn more about our services, reach out. To hear about our latest projects, sign up for updates.

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