Christy WarrenAssociate Consultant

Christy is a creative person, dedicated to learning and understanding how things work. She joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2011, serving arts nonprofits, and began the journey of combining technology, creativity, and serving the greater good. She believes the mission-driven work of nonprofit organizations should always be at the forefront, and technology is there to support that work. 

As a North Peak Consultant with a passion for helping others understand complex concepts, Christy takes great pride in being able to translate business needs into functional solutions so organizations can work smarter. Her background in Salesforce training makes her uniquely positioned to guide people toward the “why” in their daily processes.  

As a fellow human, Christy enjoys all four seasons of Chicago weather, being in nature, riding her bike (Matilda), dabbling in various craft projects, and enjoying live music and theater events.

Pronouns: She/her


Salesforce Administrator Certified    Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certified

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