For a nonprofit organization, Salesforce holds many advantages over other CRM solutions:

Community of Nonprofits

17,000 nonprofits manage constituent relationships with Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack overlay making it the fastest growing CRM for nonprofits.  A large, active community exists to share best practices, answer questions and otherwise assist nonprofits in getting the most out of their use of Salesforce.

A community of independent consultants and developers also exists to help CSM leverage Salesforce’s capabilities around the development team’s needs.

Hosted, Reliable, Low Cost

A hosted and reliable solution like Salesforce lowers infrastructure costs for multi-location organizations. Distributed team members can securely connect with a variety of devices from desktops to laptops to mobile devices without IT having to build a complicated in-house solution.

Through the Power of Us program, the Salesforce Foundation grants qualified nonprofits 10 user licenses of the Enterprise Edition as well as offers addition licenses at a significant discount.  Organizations can get the most powerful program on the market at a fraction of the cost of other applications.

Powerful Reporting Engine

Salesforce has a strong reporting engine unlike many other CRM solutions for nonprofits.  Supporting tools such as formula fields, rollup summary fields, triggers and workflows ensure data is available in the right places to support important decisions.

Extendable Platform

Salesforce is software and a platform; providing a sophisticated CRM that is flexible, customizable and extendable to quickly meet a nonprofit’s evolving needs.

Other CRMs are typically closed platforms, only allowing for new features to be developed in-house which can take years, if ever.  Salesforce on the other hand is an open platform. Thousands of apps have been developed and are available to extend Salesforce’s native functionality through the Salesforce AppExchange.

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