The goal of this article series is to introduce how and why nonprofit organizations are building Collaborative CRM Platforms on Salesforce to serve networks of affiliated organizations.  The series consists of:

  1. The Collaborative CRM Platform – an Overview
  2. Managed Package
  3. Single Salesforce (part 1 and part 2)
  4. Unmanaged Package
  5. Single Salesforce with Chapter Portal

A big THANK YOU to Edvestors for supporting this work and to the following people and organizations that contributed their time and expertise to share this information:

Conrad Pawlina, Senior Manager, Technology, Rebuilding Together, Inc.

Rebuilding Together is a national housing nonprofit organization with 140 offices located throughout the country dedicated to repairing homes, revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives.  This mission coincides with our vision of safe homes and communities for everyone. Conrad Pawlina serves in the Operations department overseeing Rebuilding Together’s national technology strategy as well as physical and digital systems.  This includes serving as program lead for the Rebuilding Together Success Pack (RTSP) which is the organization’s CCRM initiative. His CCRM responsibilities include the onboarding strategy and implementation, affiliate office training, user group development, and post product support and maintenance.

Holly Havelka, Salesforce Administrator at Breakthrough Collaborative

As a pioneer in education reform, Breakthrough Collaborative, with its National and  25 affiliate offices, is tackling the achievement gap with a groundbreaking approach to helping highly motivated, underserved middle-and high-school students get on the path to college. Through the largest pre-service teacher-training program in the country, Breakthrough Collaborative provides best-in-class pre-professional training for more than 1,000 undergraduate teaching fellows each year.  Holly Havelka’s role during the implementation phase of the Collaborative CRM Platform is to provide a technical voice from the national perspective. While the CCRM is being developed, it is her job to ensure that the national Salesforce platform and team is READY to assume ownership of the finished product. She is also responsible for ensuring appropriate resources and support structures are in place for affiliates as each one implements the finished CCRM.

Val Rozansky, Vice President of Knowledge Services, United Philanthropy Forum

United Philanthropy Forum connects a diverse network of regional and national philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) to lead change and increase impact in philanthropy. The Forum’s membership includes 75 philanthropy associations and networks across the United States that represent more than 7,000 foundations and other philanthropic organizations, making it the largest network serving philanthropy in America.

Val leads a growing technology platform built on integrated Salesforce and Drupal solutions that power nearly 30 member organizations and advance collective knowledge-sharing efforts.

Tiffany Eng, HomeKeeper Program Director at Grounded Solutions Network

Grounded Solutions Network is a national membership-based non-profit committed to promoting affordable housing strategies that keep homes affordable generation after generation.  Their CCRM journey began when Tiffany was brought on as a part-time consultant in 2010 to manage a small shared measurement project now known as HomeKeeper.  Tiffany has since expanded HomeKeeper to become a Salesforce web application collaboratively designed to help over 70 affordable housing and housing counseling programs better manage information and measure impact. Tiffany oversees product strategy, development and marketing. The HomeKeeper CCRM now spans a large data ecosystem including two managed packages, middleware, the HomeKeeper National Data Hub (a data warehouse), public interactive dashboards, and peer benchmarking reports.  See Tiffany’s great write-up, Considering Building a Salesforce App? Ask Your Team These 10 Questions.

Brooke Smith, Field Manager at PFLAG

Uniting people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) with families, friends, and allies, PFLAG is committed to advancing equality through its mission of support, education, and advocacy. PFLAG has 400 chapters and 200,000 supporters crossing multiple generations of American families in major urban centers, small cities, and rural areas in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. As a Field Manager at PFLAG, Brooke supports chapter members, leaders, and regional directors on annual chapter responsibilities (IRS and statewide reporting, financial statements, and membership). She provides management, leadership and accountability for the design, development, production and delivery of innovative design in PFLAG’s CCRM.

Brian Pickett, Founder and CEO, North Peak

North Peak is a team of expert Salesforce consultants that focuses 100% on personalizing the Salesforce application around the goals, strategies and tactics of nonprofit organizations. Having scoped, created, distributed and/or supported Collaborative CRM Platforms on six different occasions, North Peak has unique experience in this domain. As Founder, CEO and Senior Consultant at North Peak, Brian Pickett plays has diverse roles across North Peak’s various CCRM Platform projects most recently focusing on appropriate CCRM governance, collaboration and Marcomm strategies to sustain a healthy level of participation across an affiliate network.

For more information on Collaborative CRM Platforms please contact North Peak.


Brian Pickett

Brian Pickett

Founder and CEO

North Peak brings together two of Brian’s great passions: supporting nonprofits and operational excellence. Early in his career Brian worked at a CRM software company, for a CRM consulting firm and as a CRM administrator for an early cloud computing firm; all formative experiences that created a vision for how CRM tools can emblazon organizations to be more effective with their limited resources. Brian has spent the last 12 years working exclusively with nonprofits, helping them succeed through integrated technology solutions using website, CRM, email, advocacy, online donations, and other tools with Salesforce at the core.