Director of Engagement

Theresa is a natural connector. She loves working for and with nonprofits to build teams, partnerships, and systems that expand their impact.

As North Peak’s Engagement Manager, she works with our clients, partners, and the greater Salesforce nonprofit community to help nonprofits maximize their CRM investments. On any given day, she’s talking with a nonprofit about what it’s like to work with North Peak, strategizing with a client about how to make the case for a CRM-centric business, attending a Salesforce community event, or writing for our blog. Reach out to her if you want to learn more about what “CRM-centric” means or if you like talking about nonprofit development and management.

Theresa is based in San Francisco, where the weather is nearly perfect (a conclusion reached after testing climates in CA, IN, WI, and IL). She’s considering a side hustle as a moving logistician.

Pronouns: She/her

Salesforce Administrator Certified