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This assessment tool is for nonprofit and grant-making organizations that have the goal of turning their database into a business intelligence tool. The assessment should take 5-15 minutes to complete and will cover the present infrastructure, culture, and practices for having a high-functioning Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) and/or Grant Management System (GMS).

Responses are evaluated by North Peak staff with a brief summary of results and recommendations sent to the respondent within a short amount of time.

Purpose [Question 1 of 5]

An impact statement defines why a database is crucial to support the way you aspire to work, the business goals in your strategic plan, and ultimately the community you serve. This statement should be widely communicated to all staff and used to guide future enhancements or investment in resources.

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Purpose [Question 4 of 5]

Purpose [Question 5 of 5]

Leadership [Question 1 of 4]

A high-functioning database needs a messenger with influence and authority - a leader. They need to believe in it wholeheartedly and take ownership for the outcome. We refer to this person as the Executive Stakeholder. Keep in mind: this person is not necessarily the CEO/ED, and it can be shared across roles.

Leadership [Question 2 of 4]

Leadership [Question 3 of 4]

Leadership [Question 4 of 4]

Staff [Question 1 of 4]

A healthy CRM and/or GMS requires good staff engagement at all levels of the organization, as being data-driven is dependent on their involvement. 

Staff [Question 2 of 4]

Staff [Question 3 of 4]

Staff [Question 4 of 4]

Process [Question 1 of 8]

How organizations train, support and evolve their system is critically important to ensure the CRM and/or GMS evolves and consistently can be said to be a 'critical tool' for both leadership and staff.

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Technology [Question 1 of 4]

Your system should be right-sized for your organization and its needs. While being tailored to your business and teams processes, the complexity should match your capacity to manage/evolve the system.

Technology [Question 2 of 4]

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