We create high-functioning, Salesforce-based solutions that empower Nonprofit users to manage programs, track funding and more

Our nonprofit solutions are tailored to fit the needs of each client. By combining best practices, industry standards, and each organizations’ unique priorities, we create high-functioning platforms that empower users to make data-centric decisions.

Salesforce Implementations

Our Implementation Services are great for nonprofits who are new to the Salesforce Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform or who need to evolve their existing Salesforce instance to address pain points or add new functionality. Learn more.

Managed Administrative Services

We empower teams to take the reins of their CRM, working one-on-one with system administrators to build their technical skills. We’ve upskilled dozens of full-time, part-time, and unofficial Salesforce admins, helping them master their role as the resident CRM expert. Learn more.

Strategic Governance: Executive Coaching for Data-Driven Leaders

Our Strategic Governance Service is a unique offering for nonprofits whose goal is to be high-performing with CRM, using a Salesforce platform-based approach. This six-to-ten week engagement advises executive and leadership teams on the healthy database practices, resourcing, technology and processes that produce trusted and relevant institutional knowledge on an ongoing basis. Learn more.

If you ask any North Peak consultant or client to share the most important factor to CRM success, they’ll say, “a clear, strategic vision.”
A clear, strategic vision makes the difference between a CRM that becomes outdated in a year and a CRM that jettisons your team to a new level of efficiency and impact.

The Critical Role of Executive Stakeholders and How their Support Drives CRM Success

Check out our featured Client Success Stories to learn more about the organizations we work with and the solutions we have helped develop.


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