We work with Foundations to develop and implement grant management solutions that boost impact and increase efficiency. 

Our experienced team helps organizations transition to a Salesforce-based Grants Management System (GMS), provides support for existing Salesforce instances, and works with teams to define and implement the vision for a more data-driven organizational culture.

Salesforce Implementations

Our implementation solutions are designed around best practices, industry standards, and each organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s a more efficient grantmaking process, better visibility of the entire grant funding cycle, or more accurate reporting, we are here to help build the technology that supports your work. Learn more.

Managed Administrative Services

Our Managed Administrative Service provides foundations with expert-level Salesforce administration for the ongoing support needed to maintain a healthy GMS database. We can train new staff on Admin best practices, serve as the outsourced Admin during times of transition, or take on the role entirely. Learn more.

 Strategic Governance: Executive Coaching for Data-Driven Leaders

Our Strategic Governance: Executive Coaching Service is a unique offering for foundations who need help defining and implementing a data-centric vision that focuses on maximum impact with increased efficiency. After conducting our initial analysis, we provide executive coaching with a focus on building the foundation for a more data-centric organization. Learn more.

If you ask any North Peak consultant or client to share the most important factor to CRM success, they’ll say, “a clear, strategic vision.”
A clear, strategic vision makes the difference between a CRM that becomes outdated in a year and a CRM that jettisons your team to a new level of efficiency and impact.

The Critical Role of Executive Stakeholders and How their Support Drives CRM Success

Check out our featured Client Success Stories to learn more about the organizations we work with and the solutions we have helped develop.


Our clients trust us and have fun with us. And, they love the results they see with our foundation solutions.  

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