Strategic Governance

We help foundations define their vision for how Grant Management Systems (GMS) can support organizational goals while increasing efficiency.

Strategic Governance: Executive Coaching for Data-Driven Leaders is our unique, leading service for foundations that want to implement a Salesforce-based Grants Management System (GMS). This six-to-ten week engagement advises executive and leadership teams on the healthy database practices, technology and processes that produce trusted and relevant institutional knowledge on an ongoing basis.

We believe having a healthy and high-functioning GMS is no longer a nice-to-have, rather it’s an organizational standard. This service will act as a guide for foundations to get there. 

How to Get Started

Step One: Contact us for a 30-minute consultation call to discuss if our Strategic Governance service is a good fit for your needs. We will go over where the team is at when it comes to a data-centric approach to their work, the current challenges being faced, and what opportunities you see from having a more high-functioning and informative GMS.

Step Two: We will send you the agreement to sign and return, a list of materials to gather, and an online assessment for leadership to take. Once you have formally accepted the engagement, you will receive an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, we schedule our kickoff call with leadership and get you started on the path to a high-functioning GMS.

Step Three: This is where North Peak performs the bulk of our work: gathering information, assessing and advising your team on its existing performance, opportunities to improve, and steps that can be taken. During this process we’ll cover topics that include: purpose and strategy, process, user engagement, and more. Themes will emerge that can be the focus of executive stakeholder coaching on best practices and actions to take next.

Step Four: We will stay engaged for the year, doing quarterly assessments with a meeting to discuss current priorities for improving the health of the GMS solution. During this time, our engagement can be expanded for more active, guided consulting in areas where having an expert facilitator is desired. Some of the positive changes can happen quickly, and others may take up to two years to fully realize.

Participation Requirements

For the initial 6-10 weeks, we require a time commitment of 1-2 hours per week for the Executive Stakeholder, and 1-2 hours biweekly for department and executive leadership. On a quarterly basis, the stakeholder team will be engaged for approximately 2 hours on an assessment, plus discussion of priorities and action items, not including time spent independently pursuing action items in priority areas. 

Investment and Payment Terms

The cost is a $20,000 fee, for nonprofits up to $10 million in annual revenue and foundations with assets of $50 million. For larger organizations that fall outside of those paramemters, a custom quote will be developed. Full payment is due prior to the start of the service and is non-refundable. We accept payment via wire, ACH, or check.


Questions? Comments? Want to learn more about our services? Drop us a line or give us a call! We look forward to connecting. 

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