Managed Administrative Services

We provide nonprofits, foundations and organizations in the affordable housing sector expert-level Salesforce administration for the ongoing support needed to maintain a healthy database.

North Peak’s Managed Administrative Service provides nonprofits, foundations and organizations in the affordable housing sector expert-level Salesforce administration for the ongoing support and enhancements needed to maintain a healthy database. This service is a good fit for organizations that want help defining the role of Salesforce Administrator (Admin), have difficulty hiring or managing an in-house Salesforce Admin, or have existing Admin staff that could benefit from additional training and advanced technical support.

How to Get Started

Step One: Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation call where we will learn about your particular situation and discuss if our Managed Administrative Service is a good fit for your needs. We will also discuss the current challenges being faced, agree on the desired outcomes from having a dedicated Salesforce Administrator, and briefly talk about strategy, best practices, and roles moving forward.

Step Two: We will provide references (upon request), a statement of work and a Master Service Agreement (MSA). Once you have formally accepted the engagement we will send an invoice for the initial audit, first month’s retainer payment, and a portion of the annual retainer. Upon receipt of payment, we schedule a kickoff call with your assigned Managed Administrative Service team member.

Step Three: This is the launch of the annual engagement. We will do an audit of the existing system and processes, define the optimal mix of activities for the Salesforce Administrator, perform regularly required maintenance activities on an agreed-to schedule, set up regular team meetings, and perform upgrades and enhancements to Salesforce and related apps to meet the evolving needs of the teams.

Step Four: In the course of performing this role, there will be room for mini-projects to enhance or expand the system. Some enhancements will be out-of-scope of Managed Services, and will be handled via a project with our Implementation team. Examples include onboarding a new team to Salesforce, migrating data from a legacy system, and new integrations with other systems. In these cases, another Statement of Work will be created.

Participation Requirements

For typical Managed Administrative engagements, the time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours per week for both the Executive Sponsor and the Process Analyst. Power Users will also be asked to engage on a regular basis to share ideas, test new features and assist with testing and training during the rollout of enhancements.

Investment and Payment Terms

For most organizations the minimum amount of time needed to function as an outsource Salesforce Administrator is about 10 hours per month or 120 hours annually. Based on that time committment, your budget for service startup and annual costs should be at least $27,000. Pending system complexity and team needs, the hours (and cost) can be increased.


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