Affordable Housing Sector

We create Salesforce-based solutions that improve program management and service delivery for organizations in the affordable housing sector.

We work with organizations in the affordable housing sector to streamline workflows, improve access to data and make services more accessible to community members. Our clients deliver programs that include housing counseling, rental & utility assistance, lead remediation, home repair and more.

Salesforce Implementations

Our Implementation Services are great for organizations who are new to the Salesforce platform or who need to upgrade their existing Salesforce instance to address pain points or add new functionality. Whether it’s uniting siloed information systems, improving service delivery, or providing more accurate reporting, we’re here to help build the technology that supports your work in the housing sector. Learn more.

Managed Administrative Services

We can provide in-house Salesforce Administrators with advanced support and guidance, serve as the outsourced Admin during times of transition or turnover, or take on the Administrator role entirely if it’s not feasible to fill it in-house. We’ve upskilled dozens of full-time, part-time, and unofficial Salesforce Admins, helping them master their role as the resident CRM expert within their organization. Learn more.

Strategic Governance: Executive Coaching for Data-Driven Leaders

Our Strategic Governance Service helps organizations across sectors define the people, process and technology practices that foster a healthy CRM. After conducting our initial analysis, we provide executive coaching and assist you in building the data-centric foundation that will take your organization to the next level. Learn more.

If you ask any North Peak consultant or client to share the most important factor to CRM success, they’ll say, “a clear, strategic vision.”
A clear, strategic vision makes the difference between a CRM that becomes outdated in a year and a CRM that jettisons your team to a new level of efficiency and impact.

The Critical Role of Executive Stakeholders and How their Support Drives CRM Success

Check out some of our affordable housing services clients to learn more about the organizations we work with and the solutions we have helped develop. 


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