The City of Boston, Mayor’s Office of Housing is responsible for developing affordable housing, housing the homeless, and managing the City’s real estate. The Office also ensures that renters and homeowners can find, maintain, and stay in their homes.

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The Mayor’s Office of Housing is working to overhaul their use of Salesforce to better support Boston residents to purchase their home, resell their home, and avoid foreclosure. The team had relied on processes that involved manual data entry, data collection tools that were not integrated with Salesforce, and a data model that did not align with their workflows.

Solution: Establish a centralized data system with Salesforce and Homekeeper as its core.

North Peak is partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Housing to leverage Homekeeper– a managed package installed in Salesforce which is designed specifically to help housing organizations/initiatives manage their housing programming. The adoption of Homekeeper has the added benefit of leveraging a best-in class housing data structure, rather than continuing to support and build on a custom data model from scratch. North Peak is also working to integrate all data collection into Salesforce to eliminate the need for manual data entry. This work will better enable the teams in the Mayor’s Office of Housing to have a full view into clients’ engagement with the Office of Housing across its services while freeing up the teams to work more effectively and efficiently to serve Boston residents in need of housing assistance.