Chordoma Foundation works to accelerate the development of new treatments for chordoma, while helping chordoma patients get the best care possible.

rebuilding together


1) Inefficiency and low usability of current system
2) Integrated systems that didn’t fully meet the organization’s needs, creating disjointed processes

Solution: Relaunch, Admin Development

North Peak worked closely with the Chordoma Foundation team to design a thoughtful CRM solution that streamlined their process, increased transparency across the organization, and provided insights into fundraising efforts they can use for strategy-setting and team management. We migrated their existing Salesforce instance, which was integrated with Common Ground (a Blackbaud product), to Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Additionally, we evaluated and implemented Classy to manage donations and peer-to-peer fundraising (previously, they were leveraging Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser product). Most recently North Peak guided the team through upgrading to the Lightning user interface.

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