Collaborative CRM Meetups

These events bring together associations, national or regional networks, and affiliated nonprofits to discuss how orgs can & do use shared CRM solutions to manage common business processes and share data. These CRM solutions can range from Salesforce managed packages to single Salesforce environments that multiple offices or organizations share access to. 

We created them because we want to compile the wealth of knowledge the Salesforce nonprofit community has about these solutions, including best practices, challenges, and cool stuff we’ve done. 

The meetup is open to all– whether you’re thinking about implementing a shared CRM solution, already have one, or just want to learn more about them, you’re welcome to join! 

We’re excited to be back in action! Register below to join us for the December meetup!

Date: Tue, December 7, 2021

Time: 11AM  – 12PM PST / 2PM – 3PM EST



Q&A with Karen Pederson, Associate Director for the Minnesota Homeownership Center: We’ll be discussing the Center’s project to design a housing counseling solution for 36 member agencies, including topics like:

    • How the Center decided on their hybrid collaborative CRM design (i.e. central Salesforce + 2 independent Salesforce environments)
    • What the transition process looked like
    • How the Center engaged agencies in the process
    • Lessons learned
    • How life is different now, post-technology transition

Open Discussion/Q&A: 

    • Share cool stuff you built or accomplished in 2021!
    • What questions do you have for this group? 
    • Do you need advice for handling challenges with affiliate or leadership engagement, adoption, data-sharing, system design, etc?

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