The Heckscher Foundation for Children is a private, NYC-based philanthropic foundation with a mission to level the playing field for underserved youth. The Foundation achieves this through “inflection point” funding within a venture philanthropy framework. 

rebuilding together


The team at Heckscher experienced frequent disruptions to workflow and productivity caused by foundationConnect updates. The process of reviewing activities and goals across a grantee’s application, interim and final reports was clunky and required staff to perform manual processes that could be automated. The grantee portal was not intuitive and often required staff time to troubleshoot login issues for grantees.

Solution: Transition from foundationConnect to Outbound Funds Module for Grant Management

Transitioning from foundationConnect to Outbound Funds Module took around 5 months to complete. Heckscher is now able to provide an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate portal for their grant applicants and recipients. Issues with system updates have been addressed, and previously manual tasks performed by staff are now automated through a native custom screenflow.