Intend Indiana advances comprehensive community development through innovative financing and development solutions that create and preserve affordable housing, support neighborhood revitalization efforts, and foster small business development.

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Intend Indiana came to North Peak with the goal of streamlining operations to match the organization’s programs and strategies. Their team was using a wide variety of platforms, tools, and processes to manage programs and data. This resulted in disjointed data stored in various places, and caused challenges for Intend’s team in their daily work across their various programs. Additional challenges included lack of automation around routine tasks and process, difficulty collecting/submitting applicant documentation, and inefficiencies when it came to generating routine reports and documentation.

Solution: Establish a centralized data system with Salesforce and Homekeeper as its core

By utilizing Salesforce and Homekeeper, management of program information and processes from initial intake through awarding funds will be centralized, providing a more streamlined approach to Intend’s work. The system serves as a comprehensive database, housing essential information on individuals, businesses, property demographics, and their respective lifecycles. It also facilitates the tracking and logging of communications with clients and partners, ensuring effective communication channels. Additionally, it incorporates workflow tools designed to streamline processes, thereby optimizing efficiency and productivity within the domain of real estate development and lending.