Salesforce’s New Grants Management Solution: Outbound Funds Module

In 2020, Salesforce announced the addition of a product called Outbound Funds Module (OFM) to their suite of offerings and it changed the landscape of grants management solutions. OFM is free and open source, and it customizes Salesforce for foundations and other grantmakers, providing a flexible base for an end-to-end grants management system. Foundations can now leverage the full power of Salesforce’s customizable, extensible platform to create grants management systems that are tailored for their unique needs and sustainable as those needs change over time.

Since OFM is new on the scene, there are a lot of questions:
– What kinds of organizations and teams does it work for? Will it work for mine?
– What other applications or systems (and costs) do I need to consider to build a truly comprehensive GMS?
– How can I manage this work? What does my team need to do and decide ourselves, and what will we need help with?

During our session at Nonprofit Dreamin we answered these questions and include a demo of OFM. We hope that after watching this video you walk away with an understanding of what the solution is and what organizations it’s well-suited for.

And if you want to know how OFM can be part of your team’s CRM and/or grants management solution, we’d love to talk. Reach out here!