Learn about Grants Management with Salesforce + Outbound Funds Module

Our webinar on June 14, 2023 at 11:30 am will be an opportunity to see firsthand how Foundations manage the full grant lifecycle in Outbound Funds Module (OFM); the most widely used Salesforce-based Grant Management System.

Salesforce with OFM leverages the best of Salesforce’s platform while retaining flexibility to configure it around the way foundations work. The webinar + demo will provide an overview of Salesforce with OFM for Grants Management, and will include feature demos of grant applications, grantee portals, application reviews, reporting, and more!

What are the Benefits of Outbound Funds Module for Grant Makers?

The shared data model utilized by Outbound Funds Module for grant management means that grantmakers can customize their own systems and still align with (and help define) industry best practices.

Outbound Funds Data Model

The Module is built on an intentionally light framework, making it a flexible option to meet the unique needs of a variety of organizations. Use cases for the Module range from competitive grants, regranting, designated funds, grants to individuals, and more. Salesforce’s platform-based model also enables organizations to add or integrate functionality for application management, digital engagement, finance and accounting.

We look forward to showcasing OFM for Grants Management on June 14! RSVP now to hold your spot

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