Salesforce Managed Services for Your Nonprofit or Foundation

Bringing in an expert to handle Managed Services is a cost efficient way to ensure your Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) platform is getting the attention it needs to work effectively. Salesforce is an incredible business tool with almost endless options for customization and configuration. However, that flexibility requires a high level of technical expertise to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Finding the right person to manage the system can be challenging, and a Managed Services consultant may be the short or long term solution that your organization needs.

In this post we’ll provide an overview of the types of Managed Services that North Peak provides, and help you identify the right-fit solution for your organization.

What Kinds of Salesforce Managed Services Are There?

At North Peak we offer three different options for Managed Services. These are Managed Administration, Advanced Support, and Administrator Development. Clients can choose the one that is the right fit, or mix/match to find a solution that meets all of their specific needs.

Managed Administration

The Managed Administration Service allows nonprofits and foundations to leverage North Peak as an outsourced Salesforce Administrator (Admin). Your Managed Services consultant will perform multiple roles to support the maintenance of a healthy Salesforce CRM. This includes ongoing system maintenance, user support, working as a business analyst to understand your user’s needs, implementing system enhancements for better user experience, and managing a roadmap of growth opportunities for your CRM. 

Who Should Consider the Managed Administration Service?

  • Your organization doesn’t have a dedicated Salesforce Admin or you recently lost your Admin and haven’t found a replacement
  • Your Salesforce instance isn’t being maintained. That means no one is checking data quality, handling new releases, or troubleshooting 3rd party upgrades
  • You need help defining the Salesforce Admin role for a staff member currently in the position. We can help define what data quality looks like, teach the Admin how to engage with users, and more

What are the Benefits of the Managed Administration Service?

Rather than hiring new staff or adding the Salesforce Admin’s job responsibilities to an existing staff member, you can leverage North Peak’s expertise to fill the role, either long-term or just to get you through a transition period. Whatever the case, using the Managed Administration Service will ensure that your system isn’t being neglected, which is a critical component to having a healthy CRM.

It’s really nice to know that there’s someone looking out for Salesforce issues and someone we can go to with our questions and concerns. Working with North Peak Solutions is like a breath of fresh air – we always get prompt and thorough solutions to all our needs.

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Administrator Development

The role of Salesforce Admin is constantly expanding. This unique and essential position requires technical expertise and a process-oriented approach in order to be successful. With our Administrator Development Service we take on the role of coach and advisor to your new Admin. This includes providing targeted training resources based on the Admin’s needs, setting goals for professional development, and sharing feedback to help them grow and excel in the Admin role.

Who Should Consider the Administrator Development Service?

  • Organizations that have recently hired a Junior Admin with limited experience in nonprofit and foundation business processes
  • Teams that have promoted an internal staff member who is taking on the Salesforce Admin role for the first time
  • Organizations with a skilled administrator but lacking the institutional knowledge on how to manage and further develop this team member

What are the Benefits of Administrator Development Service?

With the Administrator Development Service, we can help guide the training and set baselines for how the Admin should be progressing. We can also provide assessments and feedback focused on the Admin’s technical and business analyst skills, helping to ensure they succeed and grow within the role.

Advanced Support

With our Advanced Support Service your organization and current Salesforce Admin will be able to leverage North Peak’s technical expertise on a regular basis. The Advanced Support Service troubleshoots system issues, provides support with advanced configurations, and offers strategic guidance on evolving and maintaining your system.

Who Should Consider the Advanced Support Service?

  • Best for nonprofits and foundations that already have a Salesforce Admin, but still need strategic and advanced administration support
    Your Salesforce platform has a complex system design with multiple products and/or multiple business areas, as well as advanced automation (Screen flows, APEX Code) large data volume, and multiple 3rd party integrations

What are the Benefits of the Advanced Support Service?

Salesforce is a complicated platform to manage, but with North Peak in place as your Advanced Support team, Salesforce Admins can ask for feedback, get strategic advice on how to design new systems and receive expert guidance on how to manage expectations and succeed in their role. The Advanced Support service also ensures that there will be a skilled Salesforce consultant available to augment the in-house team’s capacity or skill set on configuration or custom development tasks.

North Peak’s support has vastly improved our organization! It’s invaluable to have an outside perspective to help guide us on where we can go and what solutions are out there that we’re not aware of. While we have an in-house Salesforce admin, having North Peak’s expertise at a higher level of system enhancement and management is integral to our operational progress. We love the North Peak team and highly recommend them to anyone in need of managed services with Salesforce!

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Contact Us to Learn More About Managed Services Options

Whether you need a temporary Salesforce Admin to fill a gap, want to train and support a new Admin hire, or need Advanced Support for an existing Salesforce instance, our team of experts is ready to help. Plus, our consultants come from nonprofit backgrounds, ensuring they bring a passion for mission-driven causes along with a wealth of expertise on best practices and strategy for helping nonprofits and foundations leverage the power of data to guide strategic decisions.

Contact us today to learn more about our Managed Services offerings.

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North Peak provides Salesforce-based services for nonprofits and foundations who want to utilize the power of high-functioning CRM and GMS platforms to become and stay data-driven. We achieve this through a holistic set of services, tailored to the needs of nonprofits and foundations.

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