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Collaborative CRM December Meetup Recap

December 2021, North Peak hosted our quarterly meetup for organizations managing, implementing, or considering shared CRM solutions– Collaborative CRMs. At these meetups, a group of nonprofit executives and Salesforce admins, developers, and consultants discuss their...

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Hiring a Salesforce Admin

Hiring a Salesforce Administrator (aka “Admin”) is tough. Their technical talent often means nonprofits are competing with companies to hire. And the Admin skillset is often unique among existing staff and so, difficult to evaluate. We’re answering the common...

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Tips for Migrating from NGOC to NPSP

'Salesforce has officially announced that they will be retiring NGOC on January 31, 2023, and organizations using NGO Connect will not have access to its functionality from January 31, 2023 onwards. If you are wondering what actions you can take in your organization...

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Success Stories

A Strategic Lightning Transition with Chordoma Foundation

North Peak has been working with the Chordoma Foundation since 2017 when we moved them off the now-retired Common Ground package and onto the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). The organization works to improve the lives of those affected by chordoma by funding research,...

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